R-SIM dongle updater for Mini Xtreme

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  • Jan 03, 2013 02:01 pm
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How to use R-SIM dongle updater?

Click here to enter R-SIM mini dongle updater manual method video:

R-SIM dongle adapter, designed by R-SIM team, professionally used for R-SIM Mini software updating service. Its main function is to load R-SIM upgrade software into R-SIM Mini by R-SIM profession card reader. The process needs the upgrade validation  code of R-SIM upgrade software. One R-SIM Mini has only upgrade activation code. After inputting right activation code, you can enjoy upgrade, recycle, free exchange and free shipping service functions. Upgrade software includes free and paid software. Free software is beta version, and paid software is the official version. During the process of R-SIM Mini upgrading, only R-SIM dongle adapter can work with it. Other fake adapters from market or copied can not work. Our R-SIM dongle adapter comes with one piece R-SIM nano sim card adapter. How to use? 1. Put R-SIM Mini into the tray. 2.And then insert R-SIM dongle adapter 3. Connect computer’s USB interface  4. Through R-SIM upgrade adapter driver and upgrade software, can replace the latest software. And the newest software and instructions will be released in www.rsim5.com

R-SIM Mini World's earliest thin film unlock card developers, for detailed info, pls click:

1. The updater can only used for R-SIM Mini.
2. The updater includes free and paid software. You could choose which one. Fore paid software, you could buy upgrade activation code from reseller.
3. The updater is different from market’s updater. Our updater has software algorithm and upgrade identification code, only be used for R-SIM Mini.  If customers buy the card reader to upgrade, which leads to unlock card or computer damaged, even computer CPU damaged.
4. Please use the updater according to instructions. If the unlock card is damaged as computer or improper operation, we will not provide the warranty service. If there is a problem of sim card touch, please press on the unlock card with fingers during upgrading.
5. For different computers,  the updater has different drivers. Please choose the corresponding driver according to the computer system.  After installing the driver finished in computer hardware equipment, please open the upgrade software to operate. (Please operate under XP system as the system upgrade is most stable.)
6. The best advantage of the updater is to help customers not to buy unlock card anymore , which extends the product’s service life, and solves the problem of unlock card not working as iOS system upgrading  for the terminal customers.

Finally, thanks for your support on R-SIM for all time. R-SIM team will provide better service with you. R-SIM has been imitated, but never been surpassed. We are trying our best to be the No.1.




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