Loyal customers of R-SIM, attention please! Fake R-SIM 9 PRO has appeared in the market

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  • Jan 01, 1970 08:01 am
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Attention Please: Recently there are fake R-SIM 9 PRO appearing in the market, some unscrupulous and shameless sellers have brought the market undone viciously, the action is against the law. We will take action and crack them down. The fake circuit board is with yellow color, no verification code on the package, only three mode in the program, can't use iPhone 4S Sprint, Sprint 7.X SMS and Internet imvalid. can't use Japan Docomo carrier and there's no quality insurance at all. The fake product mainly appears in Guangzhou, and it has damaged our company's reputation seriously. We will support to Industrial and Commercial Bureau and State Intellectual Property Office according to law, Customers please distinguish between genuine and fake product carefully before purchase in case of being cheated.


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