The difference between free Patch and paid patch of 3G/4G SIM Card Using R-SIM

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1.       Difference in operating:

Installation Manual Method of Free Patch:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to Wifi( Make sure the net speed is smooth), open the Safari browser in the mobile phone desktop.

Step 2: Input R-SIM 3G/4G 128K USIM patch address: in your browser, click “GO” on the lower right corner, then click “ Free Installation”.

Step 3: Click “Install” that popped up, there will be install icon in the desktop and shows “installing...”

Step 4: After installation, it shows “complete iROse TOO Red Icon” in the desktop, click it and enter into the installation interface, click “iPhone 5 exclusive USIM patch” ,then “OK”.

Step 5: Click “Enable Patches”, power off, then reboot with the unlock card. Done.

Installation Manual Method of Activation Code Patch:

Step 1: Download the activation code installation software in the official website:

Step 2: Open the R-SIM icon, connect your iPhone 4s/5 with the computer through data cable. ( If reported virus by the antivirus program, please close it or add trust. )

Step 3: Click INSTALL, choose the corresponding web of your SIM card, Click Unicom (3G card, e.g.: China Unicom, ATT,etc ), or click CMCC ( 2G card, e.g.: China Mobile,etc)

Step 4: Input R-SIM officially released 12-digit activation code (begin with “w”) and click “OK”

Step 5: The hint of document installation will pop up in your 4s/5,click “install” and completed.

Step 6: After installation, click -SIM3 icon,open software, plug out the SIM card, then plug in. Then reboot your iPhone. The computer shows “installation completed” simultaneously.

2.       Difference in function:

After unlock, if using free patch, some functions of your iPhone may be invalid. cellular data may not appear, +86 problem, do not show contacts list and so on. If installed paid patch, it will be flawless unlock procedure. Please enter “setup”- “”generalization”-“cellular data network”, launch “data roaming”, APN: for Unicom users: input 3GNET, for mobile subscribers: input CMNET. Completed.


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