Any Fake R-SIM 7 or 7+ Infringement Act Must be Punished By Law!!!

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  • Jan 01, 1970 08:01 am
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Any Fake R-SIM 7 or 7+ Infringement Act Must be Punished By Law!!!

Recently, all of our R-SIM products have got the China national standard product standards legally, and all of our R-SIM products have been put on record legally. There are some fake R-SIM 7 and R-SIM 7+ in the market of Shenzhen and Guangzhou, Now, we officially announce the photo of the copy R-SIM products, hope our customers not be confused by these fake products, please support our ORIGINAL R-SIM products, Refuse the fake products! (all the fake products are not supported the after-sale or replacement service on our company).
The fake R-SIM 7 and R-SIM 7+ photo as following:

Our Original R-SIM products information:
Product Standards No.: Q/RKS 01-2013
Manufacturer: Shenzhen Longkese Technology Development Co.,Ltd
Shenzhen Longzhanhui Wujing Technology Co.,Ltd
Address: No. 8, Datian Yangyang 2 Road, Dongfang Community, Songgang Street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China
Inspection qualified: qualified product
EU CE Inspection certification No. : POCE13032714ECE,
EU RoHS Inspection certification No. : POCE13032726BCR
Product patent No.: 201230569575.7 201230569609.2 201330084432.1 201330084433.6201330084422.8 (this design and trademark patent including these products: Nano SIM adapter, SIM card tray, PC board etc...)
Complaint and After-Sale Service hot line: 4008925118 (Any copy and trademark infringement must be punished by law)
The address of adding the patch on cydia: or
The instructions and service link: or or

The following is the fake R-SIM Infringement Act: infringe our design patent and RGKNSE trademark copyright!(Fake products also have the RGKNSE) .

The following is the SIM card adapters patent Certificate.

The following is the R-SIM Legal Product registration certificate:

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