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      After our R-SIM team efforts, the R-SIM 8 have official been released, it doesn’t need to re-select the carrier with the guiding card when used in another carrier iPhone every time. It works perfect on 3G network, and it has many more compatibility smart STK program (universal for iPhone 4S and 5), it update the operation interface, it is easy to use the instructions and have your phone ready to use. The PC Board is the blue classic, only one in the world. And R-SIM 8 is legal product, it have passed the CE and RoHS and patent certification. R-SIM 8 is really PERFECT !!!

R-SIM 8 Specification:

1. It needs to re-select the carrier with the guiding card when changing carrier with the old solution, but our R-SIM 8 doesn’t need this complex operation, it doesn’t need to choose the carrier with the guiding card, just select the new carrier when inserting the sim and R-SIM 8, if you don’t change the phone, this selected carrier will be the default carrier. (The old operation is too complex, when customers want to use in another phone, they will feel troubled without the guiding card.)

2. R-SIM 8 works perfect on iPhone 4S and 5 IOS6.0.1-6.1.3, and support all the 3G and 4G network(Canada Fido and Bell is the 4G SIm card, the R-SIM 8 works perfect on these sim cards after testing)

3. R-SIM 8 have been updated the smart STK operation method and interface after customers experience, getting the signal with lightning speed, you will enjoy the worlds first unlock solution by our SAMSIM and R-SIM team.

4. R-SIM team is the worlds first team who work on both iPhone 4S and 5 perfect unlock solution. R-SIM is only the one unlock sim card brand after iPhone 4S doing factory unlock, selling, changing new phone.

5. R-SIM team changed the history of area of unlock sim card again, R-SIM 8 is the only one in the world who use the blue classic PC board, just as the China Dream, the blue of dream, support R-SIM , support China.

6. R-SIM team changed the history of area of unlock sim card again. R-SIM 8 have focused many innovation, it is the classic product in the unlock sim card area. (all the details have patent, any fake products will be punished by law, please support the original products)

R-SIM 8 continue to use the trail design, adopts the newest chipset NEC108, power consumption is almost zero. The NEC108 chipset is also the most thin and the highest stability performance in the area of SCM. R-SIM 8 also adopts the newest design of SIM tray, it will not occur NO SIM on your phone.  R-SIM is the famous and strongest brand which have passed the CE and RoHS certification in the area of unlock sim card.



R-SIM 8 product details:

Product Standards No.: Q/RKS 01-2013 (The only one brand which has the Legal certification in the area of unlock sim card in the world. )

EU CE Inspection certification No. : POCE13032714ECE, 

EU RoHS Inspection certification No. : POCE13032726BCR (The only one and the frist one brand which pass the CE and RoHS certification in the arear of unlock sim card in the world.)

The product patent No. : 1. The SIM Tray: ZL201230569575.7  2. The SIM adapter: ZL201230569609.2  3. The chipset integrated Soft PC Board: 201330084422.8  (these patents including all the patent in the R-SIM 8 except the sim pin. )


There are some fake R-SIM 7 and R-SIM 7+ in the market, all of them are infringement act, Hope customers will monitor and report! Our lawyer will obtain the evidence according to law and investigate and affix legal liability.

Complaint and After-Sale Service hot line: 4008925118

(Any copy and trademark infringement must be punished by law)

The address of adding the patch on cydia:  or

The instructions and service link: or   or 

The World’s Most Advanced R-SIM 8 Phone Show:













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